A Day of Art and History in Delhi

Try our recommendations for two must-see things for a day of art and history in Delhi at the moment.

Subodh Gupta at the National Gallery of Modern Art

Everything is Inside, a solo show by Subodh Gupta is on until March 16th at the National Gallery of Modern Art. There’s something universally engaging and appealing about Subodh’s work, which often takes everyday Indian objects and beautifully elevates them to something else – a larger than life marble tiffin, a bicycle cast in bronze and large-scale sculptural installations of stainless steel utensils. We really enjoyed the show – go and take a look! 

These are painted bronze mangoes!

Delhi Heritage Walk

An interesting historical activity is guided walk with Delhi Heritage Walks through Mehrauli Archaeological Park. A brilliant place to explore, this little known but huge area right behind the Qutab Minar Complex is littered with over 700 ruins and 70 listed monuments that cover 3 periods of history, from the slave dynasty, to the Lodhi dynasty and right through to Colonial times. The most famous monument inside, the Jamali Kamali mosque (below), is what most locals know the area as – so ask for that if you get lost!

Rajon ki baoli, one of the biggest stepwells in Delhi is pretty impressive!

Go on, get out and explore!