Bombay Shirt Company Print Collaboration

Introducing our 'Lucky Charm' collection of Limited Edition shirts for Bombay Shirt Company. Launching at a time when we could all use some luck, the three playful and summery designs are inspired by the idea of wearing your luck on your sleeve - quite literally!

The Bombay Shirt Company

Founded in 2012, Bombay Shirt Company custom make all shirts to your unique size and style, allowing all elements of the shirt to be customised which is pretty cool. Here's what they had to say about the collaboration.

"Working with Safomasi has been a dream. From conceptualising the designs to launching the collection, it's been such a great experience. Bombay Shirt Company has always encouraged people to channel their individuality, so collaborating with a brand like Safomasi that creates fun, original, one-of-a-kind designs was a no-brainer.

We hope this feel-good, 'Lucky Charms' collection spreads some positivity and good cheer to everyone that wears it."

- Bhavana Singh, Bombay Shirt Company 

Bombay Shirt Company Lucky Charm Limited Edition Shirt Collaboration with Safomasi

'Lucky Cat' Shirt

Believed to bring good luck, and in particular wealth and prosperity, the beckoning 'Lucky Cat' maneki-neko is a popular figurine in Japan and across East Asia, and who doesn't want a little luck in that department?

Bombay Shirt Company Limited Edition Blue Lucky Cat Shirt Safomasi Print Collaboration

Bombay Shirt Company Blue Lucky Cat Shirt Product Images Shop the Lucky Cat Shirt

Pink 'Fingers Crossed' Shirt

Crossing your fingers is a common hand gesture to wish for the best. The Fingers Crossed shirt, printed allover with this symbol of good luck is designed to be a fun (and hopefully lucky!) addition to your wardrobe.

Bombay Shirt Company Pink Fingers Crossed Printed Shirt in Collaboration with Safomasi

Bombay Shirt Company Pink Fingers Crossed Shirt Product Detail 

Green 'Horseshoe' Shirt

Horseshoes have long been known as lucky and protective charm. If the horseshoe is facing upwards it's said to mean that luck stays with you, but if it faces downwards it flows out onto others. Our print features them both up and down, for good measure.

Bombay Shirt Company Green Horseshoe Print Shirt Safomasi collaboration

Bombay Shirt Company Green Horseshoe Print Shirt Product Detail

Bombay Shirt Company Lucky Charm Limited Edition Shirt Collaboration with Safomasi

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If you're unsure about sizing or customisation options, do get in touch with the team at Bombay Shirt Company who are happy to help you create your perfect shirt!