Colour Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

Give a special and unique gift this Christmas and support independent design. Each Safomasi print tells the story of a journey to a different part of the world. From cosy quilts and throws to playful table linens and vibrant accessories, this is a selection of our favourites pieces, in all the colours of the rainbow. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your travel, colour and design loving friends and family this Christmas, scroll down to get inspired!

Yellow, Orange and Red Gifts

Clockwise from top left…
  1. Camel Traders Cushion Cover
  2. Red Hibiscus Napkins
  3. Orange Evil Eye Dhurrie
  4. Yellow Weaver Quilt
  5. Cave House Placemats
  6. Mustard Stone Symbol Knitted Throw

Pink Gifts

Clockwise from top left…
  1. Goreme Knitted Throw
  2. Pink Belle Mare Woven Throw
  3. Pink Coral Reef Cushion Cover
  4. Pink Labourdonnais Dhurrie
  5. Fairy Chimney Quilt
  6. Pink Fish Scale Placemats
  7. White Stone Symbol Oven Glove

Green Gifts

Clockwise from top left…
  1. Green Tortoise Woven Throw
  2. Spotted Deer Table Runner
  3. Green Big Cat Camo Simple Zip Tote Bag
  4. Lotus Stem Napkins
  5. Golf Course Napkins
  6. Mint Coconut Palm Pickers Cushion Cover
  7. Tiger Safari Pouch
  8. Langur Quilt

Blue Gifts

Clockwise from top left…
  1. Festival Quilt
  2. Regatta Cushion Cover
  3. Horse Ranch Oven Glove
  4. Blue Festival Woven Backpack
  5. Blue Ocean Reef Pot Holder
  6. Blue Catch of the Day Cushion Cover
  7. Blue Stone Symbol Napkins
  8. Resort Life Pouch

Black and White Gifts

Clockwise from top left…
  1. Zen Onsen Garden Cushion Cover
  2. Tracks and Trails Napkins
  3. Black and White Crane Dhurrie
  4. Valley Views Napkins
  5. Peace Hands Woven Bean Bag
  6. Black Poodle Pouch
  7. Grey Crane Woven Cushion Cover
  8. Arid Earth Napkins