Exploring Delhi's Lodhi Art District

Between Meharchand and Khanna market, Lodhi Art district is one of several spots in Delhi, that have been transformed by the St+Art India foundation over the past few years. A brilliant non-profit that promotes accessibility to art by creating art in public places. St+Art has worked with loads of Indian and International artists. With its quiet streets and colourful walls, we thought Lodhi Art District would be the perfect backdrop to shoot our new Simple Zip Tote Bags. Lightweight, practical and chic, they’re the ideal companion for a day out and about in the city!

Art Tour

We were looking for art that matched with the prints in the bags. Whilst we loved ‘Katha-Crazy Twins: Chiller Champa and Boom Bhaijaanone’ by Harsh Raman, it didn’t quite fit with our colour schemes to shoot it.

Lodhi Art District

What's not to love about a pink wall!

We initially thought that ‘Pink’ by Dwa Zeta would work well with our Fierce Orange Big Cat Camo tote. But then we came across ‘Dead Dahlias’ by Amitabh Kumar, which went even better with the mix of oranges, reds and blush pink in the print. It was interesting to read up on the meaning behind the piece too; ominously it represents Delhi as a city of magic going back to state of ruin… make of that what you will! 

For the Langur Simple Zip Tote Bag we cheated a bit. The fluid branches in Brazilian artist Douglas Castro’s piece went perfectly with the branches in our monkey print. But the colours didn’t quite go so we did a sneaky bit of photoshop magic and changed the tones!

The Original Walls

'Amma' by Joseph Blaise

A small part of ‘Amma’ by Blaise Joseph was the backdrop to the Tiger Safari Simple Zip Tote. You can’t see it in our crop, but the piece is actually a painting of his own mother. Surrounded by flora and fauna, she represents mother nature.

Sticking with homegrown artists, ‘Fusion art’ by Rakesh Kumar paired with our Shaken Leaves Simple Zip Tote. Dedicated to Gond tribal art, the area seen in our image is just a fraction of the full wall which also features an elephant and stencilled birds.

For the Foliage Green Big Cat Camo Simple Zip Tote Bag we picked this blue and green wall painted with dolphins and waves.

And finally, for the Spotted Deer Simple Zip Tote Bag, ‘The Lotus’ by Japanese grafitti pioneer Suiko. This section of browns and greens was just right!

Visit Lodhi Art District

If you’re visiting Delhi and love exploring street art, a wander around Lodhi Art district is a must! More images and information on the artists and art in Lodhi Art District can be found on the Google Cultural Institute and the St+Art India site.

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