Fabric Guide: Ways to use Safomasi Fabrics

Our illustrated fabrics add instant colour and character to any interior and can be used for a wide range of projects including upholstery, curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. With their strong narrative our bold, statement fabrics could be used as the starting point for a scheme with colours reflected in other elements of the room. Even in a small area, perhaps on a bench or blind, our designs bring a unique touch and are the perfect way to reflect your personality in your home through playful print and pattern.


One of the most exciting ways to use our interior fabrics is for upholstery. A patterned headboard can make a brilliant focal point in your bedroom, an armchair with a joyful print becomes a special place to sit. Chair pads or the back of dining chairs are another easy way to bring a pop of colour into your home. An upholstered ottoman or footstool is another fun way to use our fabrics, and of course if you want to go all out you can upholster your sofa like we’ve done here with our Blue Golf Course cotton linen and here with our Peace Hands Woven cotton. A FR interliner should be used.

Curtains & Blinds

Printed curtains or blinds are a great place to have fun with fabrics and can bring the whole room to life. Your curtain or blind maker will be able to help you measure up and advise how much fabric you need depending on the style of window treatments you’d like. We always recommend using curtain lining with our printed cotton linens, however our woven cottons are heavy enough to be used without. Curtain lining can come in various levels of opacity from blackout to more sheer and helps control the amount of light, protect your fabric and also aide with drape and fall. It can usually be provided by your maker.

Soft Furnishings

Our fabrics can be used for all kinds of interior soft furnishings such as cushions, pillows, bolsters and loose covers. We offer a bespoke soft furnishing service, so if you have anything you’d like made just let us know the dimensions and specifications and we’d be happy to give you a quote.

Things to consider when choosing your fabric

Pattern repeat

This refers to the size of the design that is repeated across the width and length of the fabric. Many of our designs have a fairly large repeat, so if you are making something where the fabric will need to be joined, you will need to consider the repeat in conjunction with the fabric width to make sure you order enough fabric for the pattern to match at the join. Don’t worry, your maker or upholsterer will be able to advise on all this!


This is a fabric abrasion test undertaken by oscillating discs rubbing against fabric until it starts to show signs of wear. The Martindale rub count gives an insight into the durability of the fabric and its suitability for different uses and the higher the number, the more use it can withstand.

What does the Martindale number mean?

Less than 10,000
Decorative: This fabric is suitable for decorative cushions, curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.

10,000 - 15,000
Light Domestic: Suitable for use on occasional domestic furniture that you will use less frequently.

15,000 - 25,000
Domestic furniture in everyday use: This fabric is for items that will be in regular daily use.

25,000 - 30,000
Heavy domestic use: For furniture that is in constant daily use.

30,000 + Commercial
Heavy duty use in a commercial setting.

For each of our fabric listings you can check the product details to see the base fabric and martindale count. For reference, our cotton linen 275 gsm base fabric has a Martindale of 20,000 rubs, whilst our Woven cotton fabric has 12,000. Our 230 gsm base fabric has not been tested but we recommend it for light domestic use. We are developing a heavier cotton linen base fabric which should have an even higher rub count.

Shop our range of Interior fabrics online, or for any help or advise in choosing the right fabric just get in touch or fill in the form on our Design Advice page.