Fashion Revolution Week 2016

3 years ago on April 24th 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza garment manufacturing complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was the fourth largest industrial disaster in history and prompted an inquiry into the state of the factories where the world’s clothes are produced. It also led to the birth of Fashion Revolution. Fashion Revolution seeks to bring people around the world together to ask ‘who made my clothes?’ and to create change and transparency in the fashion and textile industry.

It is a time to celebrate people behind the brand, the artisans and tailors that made your products. Introducing the Safomasi team that made your cushion covers, quilts, table linens and accessories... 

Shiv Shankar

‘Masterji’ Shiv Shankar, our head tailor. Our first hire, he’s super creative and will always give his input into the design and construction of products. If you've been following us on instagram you may remember the amazing printer cover he made for us one day!





For many of our stockists, ethical production is a basic requirement. However, for some it is at the core of their business. Like Fashion Revolution, the Rana Plaza disaster was the motivation for Sana Rezwan Sait to create Indelust which supports and promotes designers making ethically produced clothes, accessories and homeware in the Indian subcontinent that combine traditional craft techniques with a modern aesthetic. Indelust partners with Nest to review designers, and are active in sharing the stories of the makers behind the products. Last year they made a beautiful film documenting our process, and for Fashion Revolution Week 2016 they have created a film featuring artisans from many of the brands they stock. Spot Masterji, Suresh and Sonu in their starring roles!