Co-working in Shahpur Jat

It’s been a little while since we moved into our new studio, and a long while since we’ve been meaning to write this post! If you follow us on instagram you may have seen our changing locations, but after a year of working from home, in April we joined The Brewhouse, sharing part of the beautiful studio they have created in Shahpur Jat. The Brewhouse is a creative agency, run by our lovely friends Emilia and Abhineet. They do awesome work and have made an amazing collaborative work space. Spread over two floors with a roof top and terrace it’s a gorgeous light and airy oasis in the middle of Delhi. We loved working alongside our friends everyday in such a creative environment, however as our business was growing we realised we needed to find a bigger space which we could make into a workshop, and also display our products. We were surprised and lucky to find a place that fit the bill almost immediately – but sad to say goodbye to The Brewhouse, who we hope will still invite us to their monthly office cocktails!

Safomasi Prints in the Bathroom

In our last blog post there are some fantastic images of The Brewhouse taken by Mimi Giboin, but we hope we’ve left an impression with the Coconut Palm pickers wallpaper in the bathroom.

And the coral palm weave wallpaper and Catch of the Day print in bathroom number two.

Cushions on the Couch

We'll miss the Parties and Office Bar

Colourful Shahpur Jat

We’ll also miss Shahpur Jat itself – we liked being part of a community of designers and entreprenuers that have set up shop there, but also that it is a real urban village, with its own identity and trades. One of our favourite things was walking past the fabric dyer every morning, for a huge dose of colour inspiration.

Our new space is just a few kilometres away in Chirag Delhi, where our neighbours are mainly carpenters. We’ve been working hard to transform it – take a look at instagram for some sneak peeks, and watch out for a before and after post, coming soon!