Studio Renovation - Before and After

We’re really excited to share pictures of the new Safomasi studio transformation! After weeks of hard work, we’re settling in nicely. Located in Chirag Delhi in South Delhi, it’s a little off the beaten track but we’ve been super lucky to get a wonderful, big space which we’re so happy working from. Here it is, the before and after!

This is the studio on the very first viewing. It had dodgy paintwork, and dusty floors, but we fell in love with the big windows and views overlooking a park.

Before Renovation

Looking down into the space, we could see it had huge potential.

It used to be run as a leather factory, and had 20 or so sewing machines lying around amongst tatty, worn furniture.

Although we’d only seen one other space, we took it almost immediately, and began the renovation!

A Blank Canvas

First step, emptying it out, and a coat (or three!) of white paint.

Then we gutted the bathroom.

Fabricating the Furniture

Once it was clear, it soon got messy again as the carpenters moved in to fabricate the furniture.

Floor to ceiling cupboards in the workshop area, to house our stock.

Slowly, the furniture took shape, the lighting was installed, and after many long days, all overseen by Maninder (project manager!) it all started coming together.

We built a wall to divide the space –  office and showroom in the front, workshop and stock room in the back. We felt it was important to punctuate the wall with windows, so the two rooms felt connected.

More furniture arrives, we’re almost there!

The Sign Goes Up!

We put up a hand painted sign painted with the building number, to help people find us.

Ready to Move In

Finally, we moved in our stock and it felt more like home.

Looking back into the workshop. As the light fades there’s a contrast in the light between the two areas, which we really like.

Big blue storage cupboards, and the window looking back into the office area.

First couple of sewing machines ready to go!

We’re really excited for everything we’ll create from here, and are loving the positive vibes we’re getting! 

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