The North East Project

We’re excited to announce ‘Cut from the Same Cloth’, the first collection from The North East Project, which launched on Friday at bhane.wip at Mehar Chand Market. The North East Project (NEP) is a design collective founded by Impulse Social Enterprises, based in Shillong in the North East of India and the Brewhouse, a creative agency based in Delhi.

We were really proud to be a part of this project, which aims to create greater awareness about the fight against human trafficking by creating bespoke products that are made from materials produced by communities that are at high risk of being trafficked.

Limited Edition Table linens

We made a limited edition range of napkins and placemats, where we combined traditional fabric woven by the Mishing tribe in Assam, with our illustrative hand printed designs.

Also on display were travel accessories, furniture, clothing and shoes by our friends NorBlack NorWhite, bhane., Fizzy Goblet and 1701.

Revenues from the sale of products are split with the larger chunk going back to the community and the smaller chunk being distributed amongst the collective, thus maintaing a profitable and sustainable ecosystem.