Fashion Revolution Week 2017

This week is Fashion Revolution week 2017. An annual movement, launched in response to the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013, the Fashion Revolution seeks to bring change and transparency to the fashion and textile industries. It looks to consumers to be curious and ask ‘who made my clothes?’, and it looks to brands show the people that make their products, who are so often behind the scenes. Read on to learn more about the Safomasi team in our studio in Chirag Delhi. These are people that make your quilts, cushions, table linens, accessories and more!

Meet Our Artisans

Fashion Revolution Week 2017 Meet The Artisans

Sanjay Made Your Napkins

Sanjay works in our studio on all aspects of production. From cutting fabric, to sourcing zips and add ons, finishing, ironing and packing products, he also coordinates with our screen printing workshop. If one of our designs is being re-printed he’ll make sure the colours match the sample and that everything is printing clearly and in the right place.

Suresh Made Your Cushion

Suresh has been a tailor in our studio for 2 years. Very conscientious, he’s totally in sync with our philosophy of taking time to make quality pieces to a super high standard and never cutting corners.

Vikrant Made Your Pouch

The newest member of our team, Vikrant settled in quickly as a skilled tailor making everything from pouches to cushions, pot holders and baby pillows.

Shiv Shankar Made Your Quilt

The oldest member of our team, Shiv Shankar is our Masterji – a.k.a. head tailor. Happiest when he’s experimenting and being creative, he’s always got a side project on the go. Whether it’s to upcycle scrap fabric or patchworking our different designs together, he brings a fresh approach and a ton of expertise.

Jatin Made Your Pillow

Jatin is the key to the studio running smoothly. In addition to making sure supplies are well stocked and the space is clean, he’s got a very keen eye for finishing and packing products and always makes sure they get shipped out safely.

Meet The Screen Printers

Also SUPER important are the wonderful artisans who hand screen print our fabric and bring our designs to life so beautifully from their workshop in Noida. 

We’re so grateful for everyone who is part of the process of making a Safomasi product. To see more behind the scenes from our studio and production on a daily basis, follow us on instagram! Follow The Fashion Revolution too, to see more from makers around the world.