Upholstery Fabric for Furniture Brand Iqrup + Ritz

We collaborated with furniture brand Iqrup + Ritz to create custom upholstery fabrics for their chairs and beds in exclusive colourways of four of our popular prints; Coconut Palm Pickers, Palm Weave, Crane and Different Camels.

Coconut Palm Pickers Upholstery Fabric

The Coconut Palm Pickers print from our Alleppey Collection went from bright mint and lime green to a combination of muted forest green, lichen and chartreuse. We designed the Alleppey collection with bright and typically ‘tropical’ colours in mind, but the print works so well in these toned down shades too. 

Coconut Palm Pickers Gymkhana Armchair

We love it in this contemporary colonial armchair. The tropical palm print fabric is the perfect match with dark wood and woven cane arms.

Palm Print Headboard

Headboards are such a brilliant space to have fun with pattern. This is the Zoe Headboard from Iqrup + Ritz. Tall in a classic shape, once dressed with pillows you’ll still see quite a bit of the print behind. It’s definitely on our wish list!

Palm Weave Upholstery Fabric

We were inspired by patterns created by woven palm leaves to design the Palm weave print. Also from the Alleppey collection, we originally printed in bright coral and mint. For Iqrup + Ritz, we printed in Rust. A strong yet restrained shade of orange red, as well as a neutral Cobblestone grey.

Rust Palm Weave Madeleine Slipper Chair

These interior shots by Iqrup + Ritz featuring the Madeleine slipper chair are a fabulous example of how an accent chair in patterned upholstery fabric can bring a room alive. Notice how the rust colour of the chair also ties in with the piping on the sofa, the cushions and the rug, making each individual piece come together to create a complete looking room.

Modern Headboard Four Poster Bed

A four poster bed is always a winner, especially when it’s clean and contemporary like this Mandarin Bed from Iqrup + Ritz. The Rust Palm Print upholstered fabric headboard adds a fun touch of colour and comfort. 

Madeleine Slipper Chair Upholstered in Cobblestone Palm Weave Fabric

Here’s the grey Palm Weave version of the Madeleine slipper chair. If you’re looking to add interest to your decor with pattern, but keep a neutral and subtle colour palette, this is the chair for you!

Pushkar Camel Print Upholstered Chair

Iqrup + Ritz’s Dalhousie Slipper Chair looks so fun in our Pushkar Camel upholstery fabric. For this design we kept a similar grey and red colouring from our original Different Different Camel Print.

Fun Pattern in a Sophisticated Setting

This inspiring interior shows how you can use a fun and playful pattern in an elegant and sophisticated way. Mixing classic and contemporary styles, the neutral colour palette with pops of red add just the right amount of quirk.

Crane Upholstery Fabric

We printed the Crane pattern from our Japanese inspired Kawaii collection in a vibrant yellow and blue.

Simla Accent Chair Upholstered in Yellow Crane Fabric

A classy armchair, ideal for a comfortable dining room setting or a stand alone accent chair. Find it on the Iqrup + Ritz website.