Alleppey Collection Preview: Palm Weave

A preview of the Alleppey Collection, our next collection! Inspired by the lush landscape of the South Indian state of Kerala. Featuring coconut pickers, palm leaf patterns, the meandering rivers, lakes and lagoons of the backwaters, the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, we’re really excited to release this gorgeous new collection very, very soon! In the meantime, here is part one of a series documenting the printing in progress.

Colour swatch tests.

First pull printing the palm weave pattern.

Printed coral orange sample.

Also in fresh mint green.

In the same way that the mithai collection paired graphics of Indian sweets with western candy stripes, the Alleppey collection reflects the coastal geography of Kerala and our blend of influences by mixing India-inspired illustrations with classic blue stripes. Here we are printing our take on the nautical stripe.

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