Fashion Revolution Week 2022

The Fashion Revolution is a global people-powered movement aimed at bringing transparency to the fashion and textiles industries. Founded in the wake of the Rana Plaza collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 24th 2013 where over 1,100 people died and thousands more were injured, Fashion Revolution week is an annual campaign in the week leading up to the anniversary of the disaster, designed to raise awareness and help drive positive change for a more ethical and sustainable way of production and consumption.

#Who made my clothes? (or homewares in our case!) is one of the main campaign questions, so it's time to meet the people behind our products from the team in our studio in Delhi to our printers that hand screen print our fabrics.

Introducing the Safomasi Team

Masterji Shiv Shankar

Fashion Revolution Week 2022 Shiv Shankar made your cushionOur first hire, Shiv Shankar has worked with us in our studio in Chirag Delhi since 2014. As our head tailor he is known as 'Masterji'. In a traditional workshop his sole role would be cutting fabric, but in a small company like ours he cuts, sews, irons, organises inventory and more. He loves experimenting with different techniques and always has ideas for new products.


Fashion Revolution Week India 2022 Sanjay made your products
Sanjay works closely with Maninder to manage and oversee all aspects of production. Whenever our printers are printing a batch of our fabric he'll be there, checking the colours are right and making sure it all goes to plan. Other times he'll be in the studio cutting fabric or packing products. He's often on his scooter zipping around Delhi to source zips, labels, cord... Whatever is going on, Sanjay is on it.


Fashion Revolution Week India 2022 Sonu made your pillow
Sonu first worked with us in 2015-2016, but after a few years away rejoined the team in late 2019. A conscientious tailor and calm presence, he most likely stitched your pillow (and many more things!).


Fashion Revolution Week India 2022 Meet the maker

Jatin irons and finishes all products, checking for loose threads and fluff, tying on tags and packaging orders for shipping. Very importantly, he is also in charge of maintenance of the studio, keeping everything sparkling clean and in top condition. 

Who printed my fabric?

A family run screen printing workshop in Noida, around a 45 minute journey from our studio in South Delhi hand print our fabrics. Meet some of the printers from our recent trip!


Fashion Revolution Week India 2022 Dinesh printed your fabricDinesh is the colour master, mixing inks by hand according to Pantone shades specified. With his experience, Dinesh knows how much of each colour to add to get it right. He's very patient and we spent many hours with him sampling different combinations to decide final colour palettes. 

Ram Pyare

Fashion Revolution Week India 2022 Ram Pyare Printed your fabric

If you've followed us for a while, Ram Pyare might be a familiar face - he's been printing our fabrics for many years now and is in our Fashion Revolution Week post from 2017.

Puram Singh
Fashion Revolution Week 2022 India Puram Singh Printed Your Fabric
Fashion Revolution Week India 2022 Niraj Printed Your Fabric
Uday Raj
Fashion Revolution Week India 2022 Uday Raj Hand screen printed your fabric

Ram Pyare, Puram Singh, Niraj and Uday Raj worked together in pairs to print the majority of fabrics from our new Himalayan Collection, launching online in the summer. We are so grateful for their skills, and to be able to meet again after Covid kept us away for two years!

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